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Analands Professional Cleaning Agency

Analands Professional Cleaning Agency

Analands Professional Cleaning Agency is a subsidiary of Analands.com with RC number 1734745. We cater to the hygienic demands of your home,workplace and space. We ensure that the way your space is presented speaks volume and radiates cleanliness and excellence. Above all, we want to help you to free up your time s that you can do what you do best.

The cleanliness of your facilities is of topmost importance to us reason why our services are customized to suit and exceed your expectations. Our top notch service, flexible scheduling, safe and effective cleaning products deliver unmatched results.

Our services are flexible, responsive, certified and professional. 

  1. Office Cleaning and mopping of hard surface floors (tile, wood, vinyl,ceramic, concrete).
  2. Deep clean or vacuuming of all types of carpet.
  3. Sanitize and clean office restrooms and kitchens.
  4. Sanitize other high traffic surfaces.
  5. Clean office windows, strip and wax vinyl floors.
  6. Vacuum and shampoo to protect upholstery fabric in furniture and space dividers.
  7. Clean overhead lights and HVAC fixtures and vents.
  8. Clean entrance and lobby.
  9. Post-construction cleaning.
  10. Change and inspect light bulbs.
  11. Clean vacant offices and warehouses.
  12. Carpet cleaning...and others.