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Posted on: 05 Jul, 2022

Real estate in Nigeria has become the highlight these days and there are numerous advantages to investing in real estate that everyone can benefit from. Investors are likely to have large and enormous returns simply by investing in the correct assets, and this also comes with tax benefits for all investors. Real estate is a terrific way to develop wealth, and if you are keen about building wealth, you should consider investing in it. Rent, land appreciation, and money earned from various commercial activities on the property can help an investor make money. Steady cash flow, passive income, expansion and tax rewards are some of the benefits you get when you invest in real estate. However, there is a way you can invest in real estate without the requirements of owning, financing or operating properties. If you have a good investment, you can always add to your profit when you want to sell it, because the value of real estate increases with time and this also brings a higher cash flow to the investor. In order to move from poverty to wealth, investing in real estate is one of the ways to reach financial stability.

1. It is Safe and secure Real estate investments are safe due to the paying nature of house property as an investment. Property values tend to rise without the volatility of the stock market, making it a more secure investment. When the profit and risk connected with owning property and shares are evaluated, property is a far safer investment.

2. It Does Not Require Expert/Professional Knowledge You don’t need a lot of experience to get started investing in real estate.All you have to do is go online and seek for homes through genuine and licensed realtors, real estate businesses, or property and real estate listing websites. Without having extensive professional knowledge, a substantial amount of research can be done online, by attending open houses and auctions, or by contacting realtors and real estate agencies.

3. Technology Made Easier Investment With the advent of technology and most especially social media, you can advertise your property from the comfort of your room by tweeting about it, publishing a Facebook post about it, or posting an ad on a property and real estate listing website. Real estate investors now have access to so much technology that they may easily manage a portfolio of properties without ever having to leave their home.

4. It Is A Flexible Investment Regardless of your financial goals, you can usually find an investing strategy that works for you with property. There’s the long-term capital growth strategy, in which the property purchased generates capital gain over time (assuming it’s in the right area with the suitable supply/demand ratio and demographics). Then there’s the positive cash flow plan, which involves renting out the home to generate revenue. There’s also the adding value strategy, which involves renovating, subdividing, or changing the usage of an existing property in order to develop, produce, or improve its worth.

5. Full Control When it comes to real estate investments, once you’ve paid for the property and met all legal criteria, you own the asset outright and have nearly complete control over it. You can have a direct impact on asset value (by adding value to it) and cash flow (e.g. by raising rent).

6. There’s a Budget Investment for Everyone If you do some research, you’ll find a variety of offerings from realtors and real estate firms that provide reasonable real estate investment opportunities. The only requirement is that your income stream be secure enough to make payments in installments until the property is fully owned. If you buy wisely, you can even get comparable or greater returns on these less expensive assets than on more expensive asset You’ll wish you had done it in a few years, large returns on investments usually take time to achieve. This is why, if you start now and invest wisely, you’ll be slapping yourself on the back for a job well done in a few years. To be honest, we’ve reached a stage when real estate investments are no longer a viable option..

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