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Posted on: 02 Aug, 2022

Reasons why Igbo Bu Igbo Mega City is the best place to live in:

Igbo Bu Igbo Mega City Estate is situated at Isiagu, Awka, Anmabra State. And this is one of the fastest selling estate in the South-East, Nigeria.


One significant thing you must know about Igbo Bu Igbo Mega City Estate is that it is situated along Nibo – Isiagu road in a very open and promising location practically on the tarred road.


It’s amazing to also know that Igbo Bu Igbo Mega City Estate is one of the cheapest Estate in South – East, considering its location and yet with amazing facilities.

Oh yes!

Igbo Bu Igbo sells currently at 7 million naira per plot and boast of  amazing facilities like;


This will save you the stress of going outside of the estate all in the name of going for school run. These schools has everything it takes to make your child an outstanding personality in today’s world.

*Mini markets.

No one absolutely enjoys walking a far distance just to purchase goods and services. Igbo Bu Igbo Mega City has in it mini markets you can get all you need from.


Trust us, in Igbo Bu Igbo Mega City Estate, your constant electricity and water supply is assured.

*Perimeter Fencing.

Igbo Bu Igbo Mega City Estate stands out with its beautiful perimeter fencing, that separates it from the rest.

*Children Playground.

Your amazing kids sure has a place to have some fun inside the estate. These playground has in it facilities that will make your kids enjoy their play time in a safe environment.

*Good and accessible road networks.

This is just so amazing. In Igbo Bu Igbo Mega City Estate, you have a satisfaction of a good and accessible road network. No potholes or traffic jams to keep you from important appointments.

*Maximum security.

Your security, that of your family and your properties are well covered and taken care of at Igbo bu Mega City Estate. Understanding the nature of things the management of Igbo bu Igbo mega city estate will definitely do all it can to keep the estate safe for all its inhabitants.


We know you love what you just read. These are the full reality of Igbo Bu Igbo Mega City Estate.


Remember we are currently selling at 7 million naira per plot, but with a very high chance of appreciation within the next few months.


So rush now and make your own purchase.

For purchase or enquiries:
Simply call or send us a message on Whatsapp via 0904 175 7390. You can also visit our Facebook page @analands.com, our website: www.analands.com. Or, send us a mail: analands17@gmail.com.


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